Sunday, April 6, 2008

Is America The Second Sodom And Gomorrah?

As we know very well., Sodom and Gomorrah came to be in the Middle East. A question is, what is Sodom and Gomorrah. Sodom and Gomorrah, it is where human beings, they thought they are better even than God who created them. They could enjoy themselves drinking, having parties and it came to the extent, dancing and drinking it was not enough. They thought the only thing they could do was to abuse the bodies that God gave

them. Why were they to abuse their own bodies that God gave them.

Because they suffered inferiority complex. A man could not think why I am handsome, muscular, attractive to a woman. A woman could not understand why am I so beautiful, having a magnificent body that even my own brain cannot think of. With all this curiosity, they started abusing each other. We know normal sex, we know normal behaviours, for when God created us, He gave us orders. Your wife is not an object to use, your husband is not an object to use. It is for you to live together and have happiness on this planet I have given you.

But it came to a point that a man and a woman did not find happiness. As we see today, a man don't trust a woman, and vice versa, a woman don't trust a man. That is why us human beings are dividing ourselves into two objects. The question is. how are we going to live together?

For life is love and unity. God gave us wisdom. We have all this technology know-how. The technology we have cannot help us to be human. What are we going to do? Us human beings today, we are becoming negative to God's creation. We think of money and material things. Where are you going to get all this money and material things? It is continent in the planet which is America. And that is what people think of. For if some people from other continents, they think America is paradise or they think it is HEAVEN. And believe me, if you come to America by normal way of coming to America or else by illegal way of coming, it is when you come to understand. After you live in America for six months or one year, you come to your conclusion. This is not the heaven or paradise I was looking for. To the final analysis, if your IQ works, you come to see, this is

And what is Hell to you? It is where you come to realise this is not heaven, it is Sodom and Gomorrah. Why America is second Sodom and Gomorrah? For we know very well that the first Sodom and Gomorrah were burnt by God which were in the Middle East. For men decided not to obey God's commandments, they started abusing life, abusing women, abusing young men, abusing young girls through sodomy, any evil you can even imagine. For they thought God's commandments were not right. To this juncture, God Who created us, He thought we are not doing what is right. For today we have governments which came after Jesus was sent by God Himself to rule the world. This governments fall in wrong hands of evil people.

And who are these evil people? These are the people who get money through evil actions, for believe me, most of the people who have money, it's blood money. For if it is not blood money you have used people as slaves for your capital gain. Whom do you think you are!? You are a human being like anybody else. But you have money. But money is the root of all evil, you can use other people. Money is a weapon. For you came to have money through your tactics, either by killing, abusing people, either through slavery. As today we can see people coming to America and people don't realise, this is the second delivery of slaves.

Before. people could come through ocean, passing through the Gate Of No Return from Africa which was Pemba, Tanzania or else Ivory Coast. All those are the people who came here through the ocean. Two-thirds died on the process, a third could be sold in America as slaves. Today we have a very smooth way of bringing slaves. They come from Africa by plane, whereby we have fake White people who are Caucasians who are still organising this way of trafficking slaves, misusing other people through their own thinking. And this is the second delivery of slaves in America. You come through this way of organisation. you're being used in all ways. If you were a doctor in your country, they tell you, 'Take a broom and a bucket! You are not a doctor any more! You're a janitor.' If you had no class in your country, you come here in America, you have to be used as a guinea pig, donating organs for the rich people you have met in America.

America is a superpower country. What kind of a superpower country is this? It is a superpower country of abuse. They abuse their own people, they want to show other countries outside how powerful they are with weapons. Believe me, if you come to America, you are used like a toilet paper if you are not genius. This is ABUSIVE COUNTRY WHICH IS SECOND SODOM AND GOMORRAH, where you see a man marrying another man, a woman marrying another woman. It is all what America want to introduce to other world how to live. You can see a president of America trying to dominate other countries like Iraq, Afghanistan and being so social to Israel and being so much bluffing to other continents, showing their superiority complex. Wherever they go, they don't accomplish anything. They go to Russia, Putin in Russia says, 'Oh, I'll think about it. They go to Germany, where I recommend German government, they don't buy nonsense from the world, for American government don't even go there to ask advice, for they don't need their club.

We have one family in America which thinks they can dominate the world. That is Bush family. We have second family which think they can dominate the world. That is Clinton and his wife. This world don't belong to you both. World is an open enterprise whereby everybody has to have his or her own right. Do not think you are
better than anybody else on the planet, for we have genius in America than you are who can bring this country to a peaceful country, not Sodom and Gomorrah.


Sorry for inconvenience if there is any. God bless America, where righteous and evil people live. To myself, this is where the devil has a base to control other continents. Thank you so much.

Pictures (from top):

Sodom and Gomorrah today

Lot and his daughters



The Gate of No Return - African slaves went through it, never to see their home any more

Slave Ship 1 - on the Atlantic Ocean, where only one-third could get to America. The rest were to be dumped in the ocean for the sharks to eat. Yum!

Slave Ship 2 - above the Atlantic Ocean, where all the shit happens

Gay Marriage - An African slave married to a White master

Lesbian Wedding Dance

Bush Family, complete with dog

Clinton Family, complete with dog


Steve Pardo said...

I agree with much of this article. I gather a lot of it is written from an African American perspective. When I was 18 I left home and went to San Francisco. At one point I was mistakenly arrested and put into their jail. It was a nightmare scenario, with men packed on the floor and I waw sitting next to a man dressed as a woman who had been arrested for prostitution. It quickly becomes obvious that jails are rape places where you have to start acting very tough not to get raped. This is like Sodom and Gomorrah! And this was 40 years ago! This stuff has been going on a long time in America/Sodom and Gommorah! Now flash forward to the 21st Century in Philadelphia, Pa. The talk of many of your "average" workers is basically prison talk, about beating a "sissy" down, sodomizing someone who is weak etc. There are even rap songs about one man sodomizing another man to prove his "manhood." Wakeup! This is Sodom and Gomorrah you have been living in all this time, covered with a thin vineer of baseball games etc to make things looks innocent and nice. The prison culture has spread and now you better act tough to avoid getting raped or humiliated in different ways, this is right out of Sodom and Gommorah!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree with many aspects of the article. Someone can go to college, sacrifice a lot to do so, and when they graduate they are told, sorry no jobs, you didnt go to the Ivy League. You didnt go to Harvard Business School so get lost and good luck being a poor person. Without a good job you cant get away from crime and poverty like people back in the day could. The cost of living becomes so high that you are actually supposed to work three jobs so you can rent a house in a safe area free of thugs. I concur that anyone with a regular IQ and experience will see that America is Hell on earth, one nation under racism and hate, with poverty and underemployment for most.

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!